Rare yellow turtle rescued in Odisha’s Balasore


Bhubaneswar: A rare yellow turtle was spotted and rescued in Odisha’s Balasore district on Sunday. A senior wildlife officer confirmed that it was a rare spotting.

"The entire shell and the body of the rescued turtle is yellow. This is a rare turtle; I have never seen one like this," Bhanoomitra Acharya, Wildlife Warden, said.

The turtle was rescued by the locals from Sujanpur village in Balasore district and handed over to the forest department officials.

Susanta Nanda, senior IFS officer and Chief Executive of Chilika Development Authority, tweeted that it was probably an albino. One such aberration was recorded by the locals in Sindh a few years back.

While sharing the picture of this turtle, Susanta Nanda said it appeared to have pink eyes, a feature that indicates albinism.

Normally, Odisha is famous for the Olive Ridley Turtle's which are found in large numbers on the sea shore during their meting season.


Rushikulya is situated in the Ganjam district of Odisha along the Bay of Bengal and is one of the most prominent locations for olive ridley mass nesting, an annual feature where female turtles arrive on the beach to prepare their nests and lay their eggs.

Usually, the mass mating of Olive Ridleys picks up in December and continues till the month of January. After this period, mating male turtles return while the females remain for the mass nesting season.


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