Grenade attack on stock market in Karachi, terrorists among 9 killed


New Delhi: A terrorist attack minutes ago on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi has claimed the lives of two persons. Soon after, the four terrorists involved in the attack were neutralised in an encounter.

Those trapped inside the building are being evacuated. According to Pakistani media, two persons including a security guard have been injured in this attack.

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Police said two persons reached the stock exchange's entrance and tried to enter the building. However, when the security personnel stopped them, they threw a hand grenade at the guards.

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The police immediately arrived at the spot and laid siege to the entire area. Security personnel are trying to evacuate those who are still inside the building but some of them haven't been reached and some others have locked themselves up inside their offices. A bomb disposal squad has also reached the crime scene. 

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Officials said that the injured have been admitted to a hospital. The City SSP confirmed that the attack had been carried out by four terrorists and all of them were killed in ensuing encounter.

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