Woman forced to carry husband taking lathi blows and jeers along the way


Bhopal: In a shocker from Madhya Pradesh, a woman was thrashed and paraded in public with her husband’s body on her shoulder as punishment for suspected extramarital affair in a village in the state's Jhabua district. A video grab of the gory incident that took place on Friday went viral on the social media evoking instant outrage.

In the video the tribal woman can be seen carrying her husband’s body with men wielding sticks walking along on the road as a punishment for her alleged dalliance. Nettizens questioned the prevalence of such archaic and abhorrent punishments in the 21st century.

The video was shared by @Nims_Ahuja on Twitter with caption: "A woman shamed, forced to carry husband, and walk while villagers shot videos. Why? Because her husband suspected her of having an affair. #NewIndia #WomenEmpowerment"

After forcing the woman to carry her husband on shoulder, a mob, which included children, heckled her along the way. And while she was struggling to maintain her balance walking with her husband on her shoulders, she bore the lathi blows by men forcing her to continue walking. All the while, the crowd, along with the children, was hooting her and capturing the scene on mobile cameras.

The Jhabua Kotwali Police took cognizance of the matter only after the incident went viral on Twitter and booked seven men, including the woman's husband. According to Jhabua Kotwali police station in-charge Narendra Singh Gadaria, the incident happened in Chhapri Ranwas village on Wednesday evening.

The couple, migrant labourers in Gujarat, had returned to their village recently. Soon after their return, as the husband accused the woman of having extra-marital relations with a co-worker her in-laws and neighbours decided to humiliate her publicly as a “punishment” for the alleged sin.

News reports suggest the area, which included Jhabua, Alirajpur, and Dhar districts, is notorious for vigilante justice. A senior journalist and political analyst Chandrabhan Singh Bhadoriya, was quoted as saying, "They are the unwritten cruel punishment code in these three tribal-dominated districts of MP. Even public representatives don't dare to interfere in or condemn such acts with woman fearing it would hurt them electorally."



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